Main entrance

Access to the main entrance is facilitated by a ramp from Stratou Ave. The door has an adequate opening to accommodate people with mobility difficulties as well.

The distance to be reached from the nearest ramp to the entrance of the museum is approximately 120 m. See the proposed route.


Exhibition halls are on two levels, accessed via staircases, special lifts and lifts suitable for wheelchairs. The museum can provide a wheelchair upon request. Handrails are present on ramps and staircases.


Resting spots are found within the exhibition, to allow visitors to rest when needed. Spaces are free of obstacles and the corridor width is over 1.5 m. according to specifications for accessibility.


Accessible toilets are available inside the Museum.


The Museum cafe is accessible through a ramp.


Special vehicles for people with disabilities can park at the Museum's car park.

Blind or partially sighted visitors

The Museum's open-air exhibition "Memory in Stone" has been specially designed to accommodate blind or partially sighted visitors. Wheelchairs can access the exhibition thanks to the use of relevant flooring, while special paths facilitate access to visually impaired visitors and direct them to the exhibition's highligths, where braille inscriptions are available in Greek and English that provide detailed information.