Macedonia. From fragments to pixels

An internationally unique exhibition of interactive systems.


The exhibition draws inspiration from the history and culture of ancient Macedonia.

Seven (7) interactive systems of enhanced technology based on the principles of Ambient Intelligence and developed in the laboratories of the Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas
 (FORTH) – Institute of Computer Science. These applications project artefacts from the rich collections of the A.M.Th. as well as other sites and museums in Macedonia. Two of these applications were incorporated into the Museum's permanent exhibitions, while the remaining five are located at a specially-designed hall on the Museum's ground floor.


This exhibition differs from a conventional one, as the new technologies employed allow visitors to access unique artefacts, archaeological sites and monuments, offering a new interactive experience that combines information and learning through playing. Hence, visitors can explore digital representations of ancient artefacts, travel in time and space and discover, in a simple and modern way, aspects of the history and archaeology of ancient Macedonia, through its virtual image.


The exhibition space


  1. "Julia Vokotopoulou" Hall
  2. Temporary exhibition halls
  3. Exhibition: Prehistoric Macedonia
  4. Exhibition: Macedonia. From fragments to Pixels
  5. Courtyard
  6. Cafe
  7. Open-air exhibition: Memory in Stone
  8. Open-air educational programmes area