Study and publication of metal artefacts of the AMTh

24 Jan 2017

The collection of metal artefacts of the AMTh is considered one of the richest and most important in Macedonia. Since 2014, the systematic study of all bronze and silver vessels has commenced, including all other metal artefacts in the Metallurgy Collection of the AMTh. The final goal is to publish them in a series of catalogues according to type.

The first volume, already in progress, includes metal vessels from various cemeteries in Macedonia (Derveni, Sindos, wider region of Thessaloniki etc.) while an important assemblage comes from the excavations at Olynthos. Furthermore, some metal vessels in the collection come from confiscations and handed-in artefacts. The metal vessels to be published date from the Archaic to the late Roman period, offering a timeless panorama of an impressive variety of shapes and uses.

The programme is supervised and coordinated by the Department of Conservation, Chemical and Physical Studies and Archaeometry of the AMTh in ccordination with the Department of Metallurgy.