“Endymatography”. From home to journey

18 May - 30 Jun 2019

The social and cultural importance of clothes meet the theme of this year's International Museum Day "The Future of Tradition", offering the occasion for hosting four clothing collections, in collaboration with the Department of Clothing Design and Technology - Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia, in the town of Kilkis.

The new designers Christangelos Georgantelis, Violetta Papagiannidou, Panagiota Filimega and Kerasia Chloridou explore the cultural meaning of clothes through their dissertations supervised by Venetia Koutsou, costume designer and professor of Applied Works, and Eleftheria Stoikou, visual artist and academic fellow.

The word "Endymatography" was devised in the context of this exhibition to describe the potential of imprinting complex individual and collective "routes" on clothes. From the “familiar" of home to the “unfamiliar” of the world, clothing is a testimony of personal and family biography and a condensation of symbolic topography during the journey of life.

On the opening of the exhibition, Venetia Koutsou will give a lecture in the “Manolis Andronikos” Hall.