Armaos, Portalaki. Route for Two. Geometry-Abstraction-Art

10 Jan - 15 Mar 2020

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki welcomes the travelling companions, in life and art, Markos Armaos and Sophia Portalaki.

In “Route for Two”, a phrase without a verb but full of nonverbal meanings and allusions, Markos Armaos and Sophia Portalaki coexist and create “each to his own weapons”*, “each one to his own journey”.**

Both Armaos’ sculptures with frugal cast forms tending towards the light or closing into their core and Portalaki’s paintings with geometric but flowing, opened or intertwined lines constitute one plus one studies in Abstraction. No ornaments, no pretense, no bombast. “Travellers on a common route and no one alone, the roads became one.”**

Abstraction is the conquest of completeness, a persistent study on the plurality of truth.

* Odysseus Elytis, The Axion Esti, Pittsburg , University of Pittsburg Press, 1974
© Translation: Edmund Keeley, George Savvidis

** Carnals, Each one to his own journey [Ο καθένας το ταξίδι του], 2015
Youtube Channel: Carnals HipHopOfficial
Translated by S. Galiniki