February 2018

Pendant made of shell

Elaborate, cruciform pendant from mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis L.).

The color and the brightness of the surface, as well as the dark line, are characteristic features of the species. The outer pearl surface of the mussel has been polished to create the object. The pendant has 4 dissimilar antennas and one of them has suspension or fastening holes. This cruciform shape was formated with engraving and direct strike. Similar patterns appear as decorative motifs in the pottery and sealing of the Neolithic period. The jewelry made of shell is a frequent find from the settlements of the Neolithic era in Macedonia, however this one is unique in terms of quality and fineness of processing.

Date: Middle Neolithic period, mid 6th millenium BC
Provenance: Prehistoric settlement in the area of the International Fair of Thessaloniki

The exhibit is located at the exhibition Prehistoric Macedonia, showcase 17