International scientific symposiun "The figurines in northern Greece from prehistory to Roman times"

04 Aug 2017

08.04.2017 | 1st Call

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in the framework of the temprary exhibition "Figurine. A microcosm of clay" is organizing, in October 2018, the international symposium entitled

The figurine in northern Greece
from prehistory to Roman times

The purpose of the symposium is the timeless and multidimensional approach of the figurines, one of the most important and most characteristic types of archaeological findings. The objective of the symposium is to gather and discuss the main aspects of the research about the idols and to highlight the needs and prospects for the future through the presentation of new archaeological data, and through synthetic review of earlier findings.

Emphasis will be given on presenting unpublished material, preferably from well-dated archaeological sets, coming from northern Greece and wider cultural circles from the North Sea.

We invite domestic and foreign colleagues to jgoin this effort by participating in the symposium with original papers. In September of this year with the second call exact date of the symposium will be announced, the researchers will be invited to send entries and abstracts and further organizational issues will be clarified.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you good summer.