June 2019

Torso of a statuette of Aphrodite

This statuette of Aphrodite was excavated in Thessaloniki (east of the Church of Acheiropoiitos).

The slender figure echoes the type of the famous Aphrodite of Knidos by Praxiteles (364-361 BC), but departing from the classical prototype in certain details such as the curls that fall on the shoulders, linking it with Hellenistic variants of the initial sculpture. It is made of Pentelic marble and is dated probably in the 2nd c. AD.

In order to create the ideal image of the goddess, Praxiteles decided to use as models two of his lovers, both Hetairai, Phryne for the body and Kratine for the face of Aphrodite.

The artwork was greatly admired already since ancient times and was the most copied classical statue ever.

The exhibit is located at the temporary exhibition "Copying (in) the past: imitation and inspiration stories".